"Elliot Pixie Bonnet" by Yarn Republic | Crochet Pattern Review

I’ve tried my hand at bonnets before. A lot of the top influencers that I follow on Instagram always photograph their kiddies wearing them, and they look so cool! So I decided to try again. I really liked the simplicity of Steph’s Elliot Pixie Bonnet:

It looked like it would be super easy to whip up, so I bought the Elliot + Shelby Pattern Bundle*. I really want to have a luxury line. I’ve had that dream since last year. So I purchased 3 skeins of LB Collection Cashmere yarn*, doubled up the strands and created a toddler-sized bonnet.


LarJ’s Review


First impression. The PDF was put together really well. Very organized.

Ease. Everything was spelled out, so I wasn’t left feeling confused.

Difficulties. There was one point where I re-wrote the pattern in my head to suit my own laziness. That’s it.

Time. I don’t think this took more than 1.5 hours. I ran out of yarn (because I only bought 2 skeins at first) so I had to wait for the delivery of the third skein. And then I finished in about 20 minutes. So yeah, about 1-1.5 hours.

Yarn. I don’t own the yarn that was recommended in the pattern. But even if I did, I probably would have gone with LB Collection Cashmere* anyway. The bonnet ended up being smaller, because the gauge is different. So just make sure you pay attention to your gauge.

Do I recommend? Oh yeah, for sure! I plan to make quite a few more of these. Will I use Cashmere yarn again? I think not.

Final thoughts. I’m glad I invested in purchasing this crochet pattern. If you look at the above photos, you will see the curvature at the bottom right of the bonnet. I loooove that! That just goes to show that Steph put some thought into the pattern. Good job!

So go buy that joint.*

*Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. So if you decide to make a purchase using this link, I will get a small percentage of the sale.