"The Torbeck" by DeBrosse NYC | Crochet Pattern Review

I saw this post on Instagram:

And I thought, no way. I finally purchased the pattern last week. Three days later, the hat was complete.


LarJ’s Review


First impression. The PDF is aesthetically pleasing, and I felt like I gained some cool points just by looking at it.

Ease. The pattern was straight to the point. Nothing about it confused me.

Difficulties. I couldn’t get a flow going at first. It took me quite a few rows to finally get a hang of the pattern. I almost didn’t want to go on, but the hat was so pretty that I didn’t want to stop.

Time. I can usually crochet a hat in 2 hours. Maybe 3 if it’s The Sheldon Ómbre Slouch. This hat took me maybe 4 or 5 hours. I actually want to time myself the next time I make one.

Yarn. There are links to recommended yarn embedded in the pattern, which is soooo cool. But I used “The Petite Wool” by We Are Knitters because I didn’t want my hat to be too thick.

Do I recommend? Heck yes. I also recommend that you not sell this joint for cheap. Somewhere between $55-$75 is more than fair. And even that might be too cheap haha.

Final thoughts. You ever purchase a pattern, start working on it and immediately regret spending your coints on that joint? Well, I didn’t feel that with this pattern. I actually plan to make 5 more of these hats. I love the knit-style look, I love the effort she put into making the PDF, and I know that these hats will catch my customers’ eyes at the craft shows. For sure.

So go buy that joint.