"Hayden Heart Hat" | Crochet Recipe

I received an overwhelming response to this post about the “Hayden Heart Hat.”

I like to listen to my followers, so I took the time to record a video AND write up this little “crochet recipe” for those of you who didn’t think the instructions in the Instagram caption were clear enough haha.

Hayden Heart Hat


Infant Hat: 1 or 2 hanks of multi-colored Caron x Pantone Yarn
Fold-over hat: 1 or 2 hank of multi-colored Caron x Pantone Yarn, 1 hank single-colored Caron X Pantone Yarn
Size 5.75 mm crochet hook
Size 6.5 mm crochet hook
Faux Fur Pom Pom


14” head = 44 rows of SC
16” head = 52 rows of SC
18” head = 58 rows of SC
20” head = 64 rows of SC
22” head = 70 rows of SC


  • You probably won’t be able to get through this recipe without watching my youtube video.

  • We all know there isn’t enough yarn in a hank of Caron X Pantone to make ONE child-sized hat. So since you probably have an extra hank, feel free to add as many rows as you want per section.

  • For the body of the hat, you MUST crochet very loosely because you will be doing the waistcoat stitch.


With Color A & smaller hook: Make the appropriate number of rows of SC (back loop only). I recommend 5 SC for newborn - infant sizes, 7 for toddler -child sizes, and 10 for the adult size. For my fold-over hat, I did 24 SC.

Join the ends together with SL ST. Turn your work.

SC along the edge of the brim. How many SC? Add 2 to the number of rows you completed. So if you did 64 rows, you need to do 66 SC around.

Before joining the row together, make Color B “the boss.” Click here if you’re confused. The color with the asterisk next to it is the “boss” of that row. Switch to the larger hook. The rows of colors go like this:

  1. B*A, BA, BA, etc.

  2. SC with Color B all around

  3. BC, BC, etc.

  4. CB, CB, etc.

  5. BC, BC, etc.

  6. CB, CB, etc.

  7. BC*, BC, BC, etc.

  8. SC with Color C all around

  9. CD, CD, etc.

  10. DC, DC, etc.

  11. CD, CD, etc.

  12. DC, DC, etc.

  13. CD*, CD, CD, etc.

  14. SC with Color D all around

  15. DE, DE, etc.

  16. ED, ED, etc

  17. DE, DE, etc.

  18. ED, ED, etc

  19. DE*, DE, DE, etc

  20. SC2TOG with Color E all around

Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Weave the tail through all the stitches all pull tight to close the hat. Attach your faux fur pom pom.

Here is the youtube video to help you understand the recipe. Please leave a comment or e-mail me info@larjhandmade.com with any questions!