"The Salome Earwarmer" by Hocknchain | Crochet Pattern Review

A friend of mine texted me a picture of a headband that she wanted me to make for her. It was knitted, of course (haha) so searched for a similar crochet pattern and somehow stumbled upon The Salome Earwarmer. It actually looks nothing like what she sent me, but it was just as cute!


To be honest, my first version of this headband didn’t turn out right because the pattern called for yarn that was discontinued. So I used Color Made Easy by Lionbrand and did an extra 20 stitches so that it could fit my head. Same amount of rows. But I used a size 6.5 hook and the headband was too stiff.


So this morning, I decided to use a size 8mm hook, same amount as stitches as the pattern described and it came out peeeerrrrfectly. I am so in love!

LarJ’s Review

First impression. I love a simple PDF, and this was one of them.

Ease. Super easy to follow. No questions came up in my head.

Difficulties. None.

Time. When I did it the first time (using a smaller hook and doing more stitches), the headband took over 3 hours to make. When I did it the second time, the headband took about 2 hours.

Yarn. The yarn that the pattern calls for is discontinued. It used to be my fave. Anyway, if you use Color Made Easy & a size 8mm hook, your gauge will be the same.

Do I recommend? Fo sho. No doubt.

Final thoughts. I posted my first headband on my personal instagram, asking my followers if they liked it or not. I have received 81 “yes” votes, 9 “meh” votes, and 1 DM asking to place an order haha.

So go buy that joint.